My Story

My Story


The best parts are:
~I lost 35lbs in 3 months
~I see my weight problem as a blessing now
~I help others find health just like I did (and ♥️ it)
~I’m off all meds including migraine meds
~I’m an example of a healthy life for my kids

I struggled with my weight for 20 years! From the time I started having kids until I was 40 years old I was actively trying to get to a healthy weight! I tried everything on my own to lose the weight! I trained and ran two marathons, countless half marathons, I ate healthy and did all I knew how to do! I grew frustrated and thought I was destine to be a fluffy person for the rest of my life. I didn’t like how I looked. I could not jump as high or run as fast as I used to. I wore clothes that hid my body. I started the program to support my husband because he needed healthy habits more than I. But what I learned on the program proved to be priceless! I lost 35 pounds in the three months I was in the weight-loss phase. I learned healthy habits that set me up for life. I am eating healthy, no longer taking migraines meds, and no longer crave carbs! I have maintained my healthiest weight ever for 4 1/2 years!!


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